Did we just... won? O.o

IGMC 2017 Judge's Choice

Seems like it! And being on that place is quite... intimidating, considering all the awesome entries that were submitted to this year's contest :O Very close call for sure!

Even so, there's a lot of work to be done on the game (mostly balancing and bug fixing). I want to thank SinのAria for being so thoroughly on pointing out the issues with the current state of the game. I'm still not satisfied and I want to make it better before calling it a final version! Let's make it worth of that prize!

When will I ship the next update? I... don't know! As I'm still working on it and DEGICA hasn't say a word yet to me whether I can do that or not. But expect it soon (hopefully)!

I also want to thank my wonderful team, who are very talented in what they do: BlackRoseMii (artist) and Chris Porter (composer) :)
And well... basically anyone who played and supported the game! What a ride it was!

I still can't believe it :P


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Nov 06, 2017


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Congrats guys, amazing work! I hope this possible partnership with Degica brings more visibility to the game and for the team! The party is just beginning, good job guys!

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Thank you, luizcubas-kun :D!

I'd say yours has commercial potential as well ;)