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I played the game and i loved it!!!
I'm suffering against Hell's Guardian aka Cerberus and i don't have enough crystals to buy some things =(

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You are a human fighting demons from Hell, of course it's not going to be easy :P!

Here is a tip: Go back and forth to the previous cars and you will be able to pick up some crystals from the floor that spawn randomly. Not before long you should be able to afford other skills and an Accessory (like Angel Statue) which will make your life easier. Also remember, the Hell's Guardian is weak to ice! Knowing when to use the ghost is key to that fight.


Yeah, welcome to Hell xD
I noticed the crystals appearing in previous cars, but i don't know appeared randomly.
Yeah, i found the Hell's Guardian weakness, the problem is this SOAB ALWAYS KILLS THE GHOST!!! And my char have Icicle but this damn monster kills everybody!!!
THIS IS HELL!!! Congratulations for the work xDDDDD

Focus the heads!

And thanks <3!

Akumu, i need to ask one thing: What the difference between the version and the steam version?

No difference! :D

The game keeps closing itself and I cant save, what should I do?

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Strange. I downloaded the current build and it worked fine for me (saving included). I really don't know what to tell you :/

Does it give you a crash error message or something? Check your anti-virus software isn't causing troubles with it. Try running it on a different PC, maybe?

I'm sorry :(


Its fine. For some reason the save page (YOMOTSU/www/save) was missing. Its working now and stopped crashing. Thank you very much for you attention. (^^)

What was this made in?

RPG Maker MV :)

Darn. Cause I was interested in taking on porting this over from VX Ace to MV. If it were made in VX Ace though. What about Room 42?

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That one was made in MV too :v

I'm now curious to know how and why you'd do that? Still, as a dev I don't think I'd want to officially support different engine versions of the same game  :c I hope you understand.

Cause I love games really. And also I've got an interest in porting VX Ace to MV games cause it gives more people a chance to play it. Especially Mac users.

Yo dud

Did you ever get ur $$$ for winning the Indie Game Making Contest 2017?

Just wondering cuz they have the new one going and want to make sure it's legit

It's legit!

I've tried playing this game several times.  It won't let me save.  The battles seem cool, storyline is very intriguing but I made it to that fairy glitch and frankly just gave up.  Sorry, I tried but this is just too frustrating to play any further.

I'm sorry to hear that :( The fairy glitch is annoying but if you avoid it you should be able to save normally from the menu (unless there is another bug I don't know about lol).

If your save data got corrupted by the fairy I can fix it if you send it to me. But in any case, an updated version of the game will come out very soon and it improves on many aspects including bug fixes like that one. People should probably wait for that one :P

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I can't seem to be able to play it, for some reason. It just crashes and keeps saying "YOMOTSU.exe stopped working". :/

That's strange. I just downloaded the public version and it runs fine on my end :/ I... I don't know what to tell you! Can you try on another PC, maybe?