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> > > You wake up in a locked room with five strangers.

> > > > > > Something unknown lurks outside.

> > > > > > > > > Will you survive the night?

> Summary

You wake up in an unknown place with unknown persons, only to find
out there's a strange outbreak outside that turns people into madmen
with only thirst for blood. Your only hope for survival lies within thin
walls. Will they hold until rescue arrives or will they break? That
depends on you...

> Features

  • Find yourself trapped in one of the many Montag Hospital patients' rooms. Breathe in the gloom atmosphere and feel as if you were actually there. You are the protagonist.
  • Interact and share the same fate as the other five strangers and get to know their intricate backgrounds. Every character is their own.
  • Gather information about the impending threat that lurks out there and forge a plan to escape it. Will you make it out alive or...?
  • Original Soundtrack composed by Chris Porter. Get it here!

> Gameplay

  • Point and click to progress as you study your surroundings, solve puzzles and make your escape.

> Controls

  • Keyboard and mouse.


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I won't diss on the gameplay since it could be my crappy computer being slow. My advice is that text be made skippable, more interactive, and more gameplay, less dialogue. 

This game ate an hour and a half of my life. 90% of it is dialogue, almost none of which you can actively participate in. This dialogue is unskippable, by the way, and always has a weird pause at the end, even at the fastest reading speed. There's very little interacting with the environment either, apart from one puzzle that was just a bunch of red herrings until you found a date and simply input that to solve the puzzle (seriously, what was the numerology paper for?).

I counted 2 choices you could make, and i'm not sure if selecting a different option would have really made much of a difference. 

The slow pace and lack of engagement made the game less scary and more frustrating for me. I'm also fairly certain I'm missing several important story pieces, but the thought of playing through all that dialogue again is dissuading me from playing through it again to find out.

It's a shame, because it seems like there's a really interesting and complex story going on, but I wasn't able to get any definitive answers about anything. 

The style of storytelling you're using would fit better for a visual novel, or even a webseries of some sort imo. Video games are designed to accommodate player choices and interaction with the characters and environment, and you don't really get that for this game.


Nicely done stuff, well written and all. I really enjoy small details like the character portraits being animated, that was neat. Good job!

Deleted 2 years ago

I'm glad you had your fun with it! I apologize about the hard time you had in the few action scenes, I worked to make them flow as smoothly as possible so as to not break immersion but it seems they could've been better (they work best when you play using both mouse and keyboard). I'll try to improve on them for future releases! Thanks for playing and commenting on the game page!

Deleted 2 years ago

I liked it! Interesting premise. 

Had a few criticisms. Kind of wish there was more interactivity. Also wish there was more show don't tell

Did a small impressions video here: 

Thank you for playing! Feedback appreciated :) Dialogs particularly will be improved in the next update.

By the way, you don't sound like a Granny at all haha!


Hiya, I guess I should start off by saying that I'm quite enjoying the game! I'm only about an hour into it and I don't know how much more I have left but I'm looking forward to playing the rest. So everything that I have to say here is based purely upon the first hour or so of game play.

The visuals and sounds of the game are both quite nice, I've always been a fan of RPGMaker games. The story here is mysterious, it's presented to you over a period of time, nothing is really thrust upon you quickly. You begin learning bits and pieces of the characters that you are trapped with and the present situation, the characters all vary and are interesting enough to care about.

In my first hour or so I've yet to run into any puzzles, most of the game so far has been story and exposition, talking with the characters to keep the plot moving. 

I do like the incorporation of the mouse for point and shooting, it's a nice touch.

I do plan on playing more of this game when I get the chance, I've found it to be quite interesting so far. If you don't mind, I started a let's play series of the game over on my channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you.

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I was watching your LP just now :p You have a nice calming voice, by the way!

About the game, it's not too long. It consists of two main routes (Free/Locked) that compliment each other to uncover the whole (or most of) the plot of the game. I'm eager to hear about what conclusion you reach, Famed! Happy to hear someone is enjoying it xD!

If you find yourself stuck, just remember this: 0303


Thanks for playing!


This game sucks. You only do one thing. THe rest of the time you're just watching other characters do things.

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I'm sorry to hear it wasn't to your liking. But you're spot on that the player stands by as an observer a good portion of the game. Just keep in mind this is a horror/mystery narrative, not a shooter :)


There are plenty of horror games where you actually play ana ctive role in the story. You may think you're being clever by insinuating that maybe casual shooters would be more my speed, but the fact is this is lazy game design. What is even the point of playing the game? You do almost nothing. There are so many other better horror indies out there where you actually get to play the game. Does this even count as a game?

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Then I have to ask you: What's the point of reading a book? I don't know how far you made it into the game, but there are chase scenes, shooting scenes and puzzles to solve in it. That said, the main focus of the game was the development of a plot (a back-story and present-story, if that makes sense?). You're a helpless hospital patient with little to no information of what's going on. You wouldn't think of going outside on a killing spree, would you?  I'm sorry but this is not that kind of game (or if you don't want to call it "a game", call it whatever you like :p I won't get mad I promise).

Again, I'm sorry to hear it wasn't to your liking :<


*Rurr* Hello everyone ;D Thought to link my video here for all to see, for those wondering how the beginning of the game is like or what is to come if you wanted any deciding factors on whether or not to try the game - seems interesting so far, should check it out - here's part 1 of my gameplay :P

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Looking forward to seeing the rest :D!